The Good, The Bad & The Ugly!

You can never put enough emphasis on a good hairstylist.  I re-learned this in the last two months.

I used to have a wonderful hair stylist, but she changed jobs.  Paige was very honest with me about what my hair could and couldn’t do.  THIS IS A MUST!

Although I had my hair long for many, many years:

I decided to go short around five years ago.  I found a new stylist, who cut my hair well for many years.

However, I recently decided to let my hair grow out again- YET I had been eyeing a very short cut for some time, but just wasn’t sure that I could pull it off.

I figured I better go ahead and try it BEFORE I let my hair grow long again, so I took the picture to my stylist.
Knowing how thick and naturally curly my hair was, she said that it would look great on me, and that my hair could do this style with no problem.  I scheduled an appointment for a week later.

It did not turn out as planned!  The cut looked nothing like the picture!

To try to get it to look better she kept cutting and thinning, until I got nervous and asked her to let me see it.

As I looked in the mirror at this new old lady haircut stunned, she said you’re hair is just too thick, it’ll never look just like the picture.  Isn’t that why I asked you that first???

I tried headbands, blowing it out straight, then gave up and let it curl- hating it every way, but waiting for it to grow out some:

As the back of my hair started to grow out, it left a very unflattering style.
One of my long time friends (with very short hair) said that her stylist could trim up the back for me…I decided to let her, which was another very bad decision

–continued in my next post–

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