Poem: Loss of a Husband & Soldier 

Why did he have to die?

He was drafted and took far from me,
Must you die to serve your country?

As a husband, he was the best
but his country put him to the test.
I love and need him so very much,
and I’ll always miss his loving touch.

Why couldn’t it have been one of the others?
One of the drunks that lie in the gutters?
I can’t help but cry,

Why did he have to die?

What will I do now that my mate’s dead?
I’ll never forget what he always said,
“Honey one day I’ll die, but I’ll never say goodbye,
and this I promise to you, I will never, ever be untrue”.

I guess it’s the end it’s over now,
but we were true to our wedding vow-
“till death do we part”

I hope I don’t have a heavy heart,
when I put this gun up to my head,
I’ll end this nightmare with a little lead.

So God above I pray to you,
so that when I pull the trigger I won’t be blue,
that I will be forgiven for my will not to live,
and be taken to heaven,
and I will be given,
my golden harp and angel wings,
and all my other angel things,
but I must have my beloved mate,
and I’m only sorry- I just can’t wait!

I’ve tried to keep my blog in chronological order, however, I really felt the need to share a poem today that I wrote when I was younger. I don’t know where the inspiration for this poem came from, but at the age of twelve, I wrote this poem while sitting on a fence looking at my stepfather’s horses…

Please tell me your thoughts!

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