Interstates, Semi-Trucks, and Strangers

Another crazy episode during Mom’s drunk phase

At this point in time she is trying to get back together with her ex-boyfriend, who had dumped her after her fall.  During one of their “dates,” we were driving down the interstate in his Nissan king-cab pick-up, returning from dinner, when she becomes enraged that he does not want to go to the bar with her that night, so she proceeds to start hitting him in the face as we are driving down the road.

He pulls over to get her to stop it, as to not crash into another car.  She is angry and decides to get in the back of the truck because she didn’t want to look at him anymore.

He and I were both fed up with her antics by then, so we let her get in the back and start driving again…trying to get home.

After about a mile she stands up in the back of the truck.  To prevent her from falling out of the truck, I crawled through the little window that goes to the truck bed and get her to sit down.  I sit down beside her and wrap my arms around her to keep her from trying to stand up again.  I am physically holding her in a sitting position as we drive down the road at this point.

She is calm for a few miles. She then starts to tell me that her and I will go to the bar when we get home.  Mom says she will dress me up, put make-up on me, and curl my hair, and we will go party at one of her favorite spots (by the age of twelve, I had been in almost every bar in town trying to locate her at some point or another, and most of the bartenders knew who I was from dragging her out regularly).

I told her that I did not want to go to the bar with her.  I was very frustrated by her behavior…and probably a little by life in general at this point.

She becomes enraged at me and starts yanking my long hair with both hands.  I repeatedly told her “Mom- stop”, but ever the fighter she just pulled harder.  I put my hand out to push her away from me and got her square in the mouth.  She let’s go and begins to scream at me for busting her lip!

Her Ex saw all of the commotion in the back of the truck and pulls over. She jumps out of the truck and runs into the middle of the interstate and lays down in middle of the road.  We start running towards her while yelling at her to get up, but she refuses.  There is a semi-truck coming straight at us.  We hurriedly pick her up, I have her head and he has her feet and run, as this semi-truck is slamming on his brakes to try to keep from hitting us all.

The truck pulls over. She is squirming and yelling at us to put her down.  We are yelling at her for laying in the middle of the interstate and almost getting us all ran over!

The truck driver decides to insert himself into the situation, which from his vantage point probably looks a little fishy!  She runs over to him and says that he has to get her out of there, so he obliges.  Of course, being the responsible teenager that I have to be, I am not going to let her take off, drunk, with some semi driver that I know nothing about. This man could be an axe-murderer for all I know!

She climbs up into that semi, so I do as well…

–to be continued–

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