Independence Day Tribute

Independence Day celebrations in the South are all about barbecues, watermelon, and fireworks!

Most of my 4th of July celebrations consisted of beach trips!

From the Virginia Beach campgrounds that we used to frequent with my father…

Where the campground once flooded while we were on vacation!  The pools were overflowing, and we actually hit the water before we got to the end of the pool slides!  We also looked outside during one of the monsoons and our flip-flops were actually floating away.  My step-mom sent me to capture them all before they were lost.

To the trips to Ocean City, Maryland, where, as a child, I got caught in an undertow and was repeatedly flipping through the waves and had to be rescued from by a kind stranger that pulled me from the water by my long blonde hair.

To the trip with my mother to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina where one of her friends was so “wasted” that he fell in the pool and had to be scooped out of the Deep End by my mother (who was thankfully a great swimmer)…then later at an amusement park- after waiting in line forever for the front seat of the roller coaster- the same friend fell over the front of the roller coaster, through the rails, and landed on the ground below!   The workers were calling the cops and ambulance, but “luckily” he was so wasted that he wasn’t  even hurt!!! 

To my current celebrations with my husband and kids, languidly eating hamburgers and hot dogs and macaroni salad (and of course watermelon), and enjoying each other’s company!  God bless America!

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