Good- Bad-Ugly- Part II

I took a picture in to my friend’s stylist.  I told her that I just wanted the back trimmed like the picture, and that I was leaving the rest to grow out.
The back was to be trimmed like this:

With the idea that it would hopefully grow into this style:

The stylist said that she felt terrible that my cut turned out so bad, and that she could fix it with a little texturizing.  I did not remember ever having my hair texturized before, but if this was some kind of technique that could do something with this horrible cut, I was agreeable, however I should have refused!
What I received was hair that had been so horribly thinned that only little strands of hair remained with any length, and all of the other hair was short.

I feel bald and despise the haircut- but alas, all I can do now is let this mess grow over time!

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