Four year old and mother survives bludgeoning by river rock…

One of my first childhood memories is of waking up to a woman repeatedly slamming a large river rock into my head…they say you always remember the traumatic events…which I do- in vivid color…of course there is a story behind this event and this is it…

And so it begins…

One Fall morning, when I was four years old, a lady knocked on my Aunt’s front door, where my mother and I were living at the time. We lived in a small West Virginia town and my aunt knew this woman. She made small talk with my aunt, who was pre-occupied getting my cousin ready for school.  As my aunt went to check on my cousin’s progress, this woman ran upstairs to my mother and I’s apartment.

She crept up on my mother and I while we were sleeping in a small bed together, raised the river rock, and began beating us in the head with this rock over and over again…I wake up in pain, blood everywhere, and not understanding what is happening.  Imagine waking up as a small child to an angry woman trying to kill you…it is very confusing and scary for a four-year-old.

The Back Story…

This woman was very angry with my mother. She believed my mother was having an affair with her husband.  This was the reason that she decided to come and attack my mother.  She claimed to only be trying to harm my mother.  She claimed that my mother pushed me in front of her to stop the blows.  I don’t believe any of these things.

In the End…

The sad part is that this woman did not have any consequences for attempting to murder my mother and I.  Why she choose to hit me along with my mother, I do not know.  I still do not understand what kind of person sees a four-year-old child sleeping and tries to smash her head in??? I guess she wanted to get rid of both of us.

My mother almost died. I received several stitches, as my mom did take most of the blows.  Being from an influential family, this woman was never convicted of any crime and never spent any time in jail for this act…but my mother and I survived which is all that really matters…right?!

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15 thoughts on “Four year old and mother survives bludgeoning by river rock…

  1. I have read your first four posts and I must say, if you wrote a book, I’d be a very eager reader as I will be of this blog. This is the first blog I’ve ever read, and you captivated me with every story, I just had to keep reading! You’re very talented and I wouldn’t be surprised if you go far with this! Please continue, I’m excited to read more…!

    1. Thank you so much Laken! It is my passion, although I have put it off for a very long time. It excites me so much to hear you say that you were captivated by my stories! I have many more and will post at least one a week, please do continue reading!

    2. Please check out my new story Laken. I now have a subscribe box on my blog if you want to be emailed notifications please sign up. I hope you enjoy it!

  2. I also liked your stories very much, and wanted to read more, I don’t read that many novels, but I would if you wrote a book or some short stories.

    1. Thank you Jennifer! If I ever get up the time and gumption to write a novel, I’ll be sure to let you know 😉 Thanks so much for reading my stories! Please continue!

    2. Please check out my new story Jennifer. I now have a subscribe box on my blog if you want to be emailed notifications please sign up. I hope you enjoy it!

  3. I have never read a blog before until today! I am totally amazed of you talent and captivated of your stories! I agree with Lakes, if you wrote a book on would most definitely read it! I’m sitting here awaiting more stories!

    1. Anne, thank you so much! I love getting this kind of feedback and to hear that people really do like hearing my stories! I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but haven’t. I would love to write a book one day! Your comment reassures me to keep on writing! I’ll post at least one blog a week, so please follow me to hear more stories. Thanks again for taking the time to comment 😊

  4. I am enjoying reading your blogs! Keep it up!
    And I can’t help but to feel sorry for the little girl you write about. But I do know this, she had grown into a wonderful woman who had accomplished great things and I’m proud to call her my friend!! I love you much!!

    1. Hello! There are a few issues. I am hyper-vigilant. I sleep very lightly (still listening for anything that may be awry I guess), and I’m a little wary of people until I get to know them. Overall, however, I have managed to live my life and stay determined to make a better future for myself. Thanks for your comments =)

        1. Thank you so much! I don’t know if everything ever goes completely away, but I learned from it and did not perpetuate the cycle which was very important to me.

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