Broken Kneecaps

Downsized.  What an experience to work at a company for nearly eighteen years then to receive notice that your current position was being eliminated.  It must be for the best right?  That’s what “they” always say…this ended up not being for the best, but that is another story…

So, I’m getting ready to embark on a new journey to find a new (work) home.  The HR guy said to just enjoy the time off, catch up on projects at home, a position would become available at the right time.  I decided to embrace his advice.

September 30th (2015) was my last day on the job.

Less than a week later, I found myself lying on the ground, pink stain covering my face and hair, with two broken kneecaps!

I had decided to stain my back deck.  One ladder was not tall enough.  One ladder was a little too tall.  PSA- No one should be climbing ladders with no one else around.  In order to reach the proper area, I had to put the taller ladder a little too horizontal.  I climbed the ladder, paintbrush in one hand, a full gallon of stain in the other.  It happened so fast!  As my weight started to press on the upper portion of the ladder, it started falling.

Being a very non-wasteful person, what went through my head is don’t spill this expensive stain because you did something stupid when setting up the ladder.  As I fell, I held the stain bucket over my head as to try not to spill it.  When the metal ladder landed, my knees were braced against it.

The next thing I remember is being on the ground covered in the stain.  My first thought was- that really hurt.  I looked down at a big gash on my knee thinking- oh no, that is going to need stitches.

I thought about screaming, my husband was inside sleeping, as he was working 3rd shift at the time.  My son was inside showering before he headed to his college classes.  I knew no one would hear me.  I looked around, but there were no neighbors outside.  I had no idea where my phone was.  I walked (yes- with two broken kneecaps) up the two flights of steep steps attached to my back deck.

When I got to the top, I knocked on the door to get my son’s attention.  Asked for a towel to clean the stain off of myself and asked my son if he thought my knee needed stitches.

I guess I was in shock.  I rushed to shower and rinse the stain out of my hair so it wouldn’t turn pink.  It wasn’t until midway through that shower that I couldn’t bend my legs.  The swelling had started, and the pain was intense!

My son had left for school.  My daughter was shopping an hour away, and I didn’t want to wake up my husband.  Again, I thought I just needed some stitches.

A friend’s daughter drove over to take me to the doctor’s office.  You can’t drive when you can’t bend your knees (although I was going to try before my daughter sent her to get me).

The doctor took one look and sent me for x-rays.  Imagine my shock when the doctor came back in and told me that both of my kneecaps were broken!  The orthopedic surgeon put me in immobilizers with instructions to stay off my feet.  Luckily, the bones had not displaced, so no surgery was necessary.

It is amazing how the human body can heal itself!  My knees are healed and as good as new now (practically)!

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