Beware of Strangers

Mother was depressed again, and this time I was not around.

I got a call at my friend’s house from her “Bo” that he had taken her to the hospital.  They were drinking and partying and the next thing he knew she had taken a bunch of pills.

Another suicide attempt…another stomach pumping…another almost overdose…

The Bo came and picked me and my friend up and took us to the hospital.  Mom was okay.  She was hooked to an IV and sleeping when we arrived.  After talking to the doctors and verifying that she would be fine after a night in the hospital, the Bo said he would take my friend and I back to my house.

On the way, he stopped at the convenience store to pick-up something.  I went in with him while my friend stayed outside.  When we got back to the car, which was only about a block from where I lived, she was talking to some guys in the car parked next to us.  She said that they would just take us back to the house and that he could go on home.

He looked to me, and I agreed that was fine.  These were her friends and if she wanted to continue to visit with them while they drove us a block over it would be fine, right?  So I got in the car and he drove away.

The guys pulled out and she started to introduce me to them when I heard her say what was your name again?  I looked at her cautiously and said how do you know these guys?  She told me then that she had just met them in the parking lot.

I was furious!  Teenager or not, I knew that you did not get into cars with strangers!  That’s when I noticed that we were on a back road and headed in the opposite direction of my house.  I was so concerned and frightened when I realized that these “friends” we’re not indeed friends, that I had not been paying attention to which way we were headed.


This is an on-going story of my life and some of the childhood adversities that I faced.  If you would like to start at the beginning of my tale, please read Four-year-old and Mother Survive Bludgeoning by River Rock, or go to the Childhood category and start at the bottom.

I demanded to know where we were going.  She said oh it is fine, we are driving over to the next town to get some beer (there was a place just across the bridge that did not card anyone).  I was VERY uncomfortable.  I told the guy driving that he needed to turn around and take us back.  He said that would be a waste of gas, and that we were almost there anyway.

I felt trapped, held prisoner in some stranger’s car!  These guys could be killers.  They could stop the car on one of these back roads and rape and kill us, and no one would be the wiser.  I could not believe my friend had gotten me into this mess!  

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