Allergic Reactions

What is this strange copper taste in my mouth?  My gums, lip, and teeth are tingling a little.  My throat is starting to get sore.  My face is going numb.  My throat is now going numb.  My throat really hurts.  I’m starting to have a hard time swallowing…

This is what happened about 12 hours after taking a routine prescription for an infection- AN ALLERGIC REACTION!



My only other experience with allergies was when I was six years old and went outside to play with all the neighborhood kids.  Shortly after, I almost died.

I was barefoot and stepped on a bee, seems like such a little thing, but we found out that day that I was allergic.  I started swelling up…my throat started closing.  The ambulance got there just in time and rushed me to the hospital.

From that point on, I had to wear a medic alert bracelet that said: “if stung by bee, rush to the hospital within 5 minutes or death.”  I was also not allowed to go outside barefoot again.

I was able to avoid bee stings for most of my life.  I stopped wearing my bracelet after middle school, most kids grow out of bee stings anyway, right?



A few years ago, I walked out onto my porch and stepped on a bee (talk about history repeating itself) but my throat didn’t close this time.  I swelled all the way up to the top of my leg which tingled and scared me to death, but nothing more happened.

I did go to the ER, because I was scared, only to have the ER doctor act like I was wasting his time and tell me to take a Benadryl.  I vowed to not make that expensive mistake again.  I would at least try the Benadryl first next time.


Allergic reactions are very serious.  Once they hit, symptoms increase quickly.  It is also very terrifying!  When my symptoms started from this medication allergy, I didn’t know what was happening at first.  When I realized that the only thing new was this prescription and looked up the reactions if allergic, I quickly raced home, took two Benadryl tablets and sat with my EpiPen next to me.  Even though my doctor only made me fill the EpiPen prescription as a precaution due to my latest bee sting, I was comforted by its presence.  The symptoms finally subsided and I will never take that prescription again!

I had only been allergic to bees before this and did not remember the symptoms as I was so young when the initial incident happened.  I am unlikely to forget the symptoms in the future or the fear that they instill!

Please tell me your thoughts!

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