A Mother’s Betrayal

My worst nightmare coming true…

After an extreme beating and many apologies, Mom and Ladd remained dating (to my utter dismay).  I tried to convince my mother to leave  him, but who listens to a twelve-year-old?  I was left at my grandma’s a lot due to my obvious dislike.  He let me ride his horses, name the new colt, bought my puppies, and although I did enjoy those things, I knew he was pure evil from that first fight.

My mom was oblivious or else just caught up in a fantasy world.  He had a nice home, lived comfortably, was a cowboy, and seemed like a great guy.  Everything she thought she wanted, until he was angry.  He was not an attractive man, my mother was obviously prettier than he was, maybe that is what led to his extreme jealousy.  She was also a cocktail waitress and bartender who worked late hours, but to him she was always out with another man.

One particular weekend she took me to my grandma’s house for “the night”, she was acting strange, excited.  I begged her not to do anything stupid.  I watched out my grandma’s window this time for her return…two days, three days, five, where was she???

They finally returned after a little over a week, so excited to show us their wedding rings!  I now had a step-dad.

My heart deflated…I knew this wouldn’t have a happy ending..but who listens to twelve-year-olds…

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