A Cat with Attitude

Ashes was the best kitten/cat ever.

He thought he was a dog.  He started fetching as a kitten without any training.  It just came natural to him.

He loved to catch/kill mice, moles and birds.  He was a hunter. He did his catly duties.  And he had the catly, do what I want when I want attitude!

He was also loving (and a little spoiled).  He loved to sit on my lap at night, and competed with the dog for lap space…

Unfortunately, he was just gone one day…stolen…or eaten by the coyotes in our backyard?

We’ll never know, but a better, cuter cat could not be found in our minds!

5 thoughts on “A Cat with Attitude

  1. That’s so sad he disappeared! I wonder what happened. I was very sad when it was time to let my cat go, she was another piece of my soul. I hope Ashes finds his way back home to you, or that he at least is okay.

    1. Thank you, we looked for him for a long time, but never found him. He was such a good cat, and everyone in my household would agree that he was the best cat we’ve ever had! We miss him a great deal!

      1. Precious animals enter and leave our lives, and that’s the way the world spins 🙂 I hope that another kitty-soulmate will come into my life, but when the time is right (and the finances, too!).

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